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Kathy Zola Fiber - Original designs hand crafted from natural fibers

My then college-aged son took a look at something I was making with some electric-colored variegated yarn, and said, "Oh, Mom, if you made me one of those ear-flap hats with the braided things that hang down from that kind of yarn, that would be so cool!" So I made several, and sent him back to school with them. His house-mates all loved them. Then I made more and started my Etsy shop.
I am an artisan working with fiber. I like to make beautiful things that have a useful purpose, either items to wear or to use around the home. I love colors, making unusual color combinations, and I love to play with different combinations of fibers.

My professional background is in graphic design and production, which probably enhances my sense of color and pattern. However, it’s the tactile qualities of fiber and fabric that really call to me. I can spend a happy afternoon wandering through a fabric or fiber shop dreaming about potential combinations.

Most of my designs are one of a kind. I experiment with color combinations, patterns, fiber combinations, both knitted and woven. I make everything myself by hand. I prefer fiber made in nature (cotton, linen, silk, wool, alpaca) over fiber made by humans (acrylics and polyesters). Recently, I have been collaborating with a local alpaca farm (Borgstein Alpaca Farm) to design hats and scarves using their all-natural locally raised alpaca fiber. I have also been publishing my knitting patterns.

Currently, I am active in the Boston Weaving Guild, Hull Artists, and Westwood Artists. I am a founding member of Westwood Artists. I participate in local craft fairs and open studio events. These are listed on my Events page. 

I also have items for sale at these brick and mortar locations: 
Gallery Nantasket, Hull MA
Dedham Exchange, Dedham MA

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